doubleface, big sal and boogieknight are berlin ’s most famous hip hop crew. the harleckinz rap in english. as in the good old days, their motto is: if you don’t entertain well, off with your head. but as supporting acts of wu-tang clan, busta rhymes and fanta 4 as well as remixer of ll cool j, en vogue and brandy, the harleckinz will keep their heads for a while. the harleckinz grew up in berlin. when they were young, they used to chill out in west berlin’s allied armies hip-hop clubs. nowadays harleckinz belong to berlin’s kmc family, which includes local rhyme heroes kinzmania, kc da rookee and the triple-x-team. the kmc’s have their roots all over the world, jamaica, turkey, spain, the usa, sudan and germany.



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