situated on the ile de la cite, right next to notre dame cathedral, lies the hotel de hospital. on the sixth floor, next to the ophthalmic clinic is the hospital hotel. it was originally used for the relatives of patients in the hospital but nowadays anybody can stay here. it has only fourteen rooms so early booking is advised. the lucky ones get to stay in one of the seven rooms with a view of notre dame. the rooms are bright and simply furnished. they all have an en-suite bathroom and breakfast is served in the room. the 'hotel de nord' is a popular accommodation for alternative travellers with style. it is named after the movie with the same title and has twenty-four individually designed rooms. choose from the rococo, toulouse lautrec or 60’s design. all rooms are en-suite and include a great selection of french literature to browse at your leisure as well as a view onto the idyllic residential street below. breakfast is served in the wine cellar. friendly guests are presented with home-made jam. both hotels are open all year round.

1 place du parvis notre dame
metro station cite

hotel du nord
47 rue albert thomas


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