j-pop café

situated in the heart of the entertainment area of shibuya is the j-pop café, which is dedicated to sugar-sweet japanese teenie pop. the extremely sweet house beer in lychee, campari, cassis and melon flavours fits right in. the menu features colourful combinations of sushi pasta or vegetarian sushi made from cheese and tomatoes. every table in the restaurant bar has got its own video jukebox. visitors to j-pop can choose between music, feature films, advertising and the newest j-pop singles. the cyber dome houses the biggest restaurant in the café complex. the dome is covered in greenery and gives the impression of an urban oasis. another restaurant has been designed in a werner panton style. ceilings, walls and floors are lined in thick multi-coloured fabric and foam shapes. after their visit here, pop-music fans can purchase signed t-shirts, cds, magazines and j-pop merchandise at the café shop. j-pop hosts a monthly techno house party. opening hours are 17.00-01.00 monday to friday and until 04.00 at weekends.

j-pop café shibuya
shibuya beam 7f
31-2 udagawa-cho
train station shibuya



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