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nozaki alias jazztronik has had a classic music training on piano. the former band member of dongiri-kizu founded the jazztronik crew with his friends. their albums are released on flower records. jazztronik’s mix of bossa nova, hip hop, jazz & dance music is also in demand with western labels. nozaki djs occasionally at the new dimension night of his friend, dj and producer fukutomi. new dimension is the most successful night of the loop mini-club. because rents are extremely expensive tokyo’s music lovers go into small hidden basement clubs. apart from the room club, run by the kyoto jazz massive (see tokyo 28), loop is the best known mini club in tokyo. from midnight on a weekend the club is crowded. loop is not for mainstream clubbers. jazztroniks friend fukutomi has worked with fantastic plastic machine (see tokyo episode 23) pizzicato 5 (see tokyo episode 13) and mega-popstar ayumi hamasaki. at the weekend loop is open from 22.00-05.30.

nihon fudou bldg
shibuya-ku 2-1-13
train station shibuya


jazztronik.com, fukutomi-web.com


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