juice bars

the quiet revolution bar in the trendy shoreditch area sold organic health drinks for ruminants with strong taste buds. quiet revolution’s main speciality was wheatgrass juice which cleansed the blood system, liver and kidneys. the drink is used as a detoxifier. the grass is liquidised in a special blender and is produced in little shots. those who can’t stomach the strong sweet taste should mix the drink with other juices. you could also find more regular stuff like a beetroot-ginger juice. in the minimalist quiet revolution bar the products on offer changed according to season. those who preferred to drink their juice to the sound of cool jazz tunes went to the brixton juice bar. the bar was located in a former bookshop. the exotic fruits come directly from local brixton market. the most popular drink was the fruit cocktail containing guava, papaya, mango and coconut milk. both the brixton bar and quiet revolution have since closed down.


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