killa kela

featuring: kew gardens

beatboxing is the forgotten 8th discipline of the hip hop movement. since 1999 an english guy has been the best human beatbox in europe. killa kela originates from a commuter town outside london. as a young boy little kela used to imitate childrens tv programmes and his fathers drums. eventually it became clear that he could copy nearly any sound. the roots member and beatbox legend rahzel (see new york episode 24) helped kela realise that there are other people out there who share his hobby. subsequently kila released records on the london jazz fuse label and toured the world with various hip hop and rock acts. kela’s drum n base routines have earned him legendary status. thanks to his talent kela has become an honorary member of the english scratch perverts (see london episode 24) and the well known rocksteady crew (see new york episdode 33). for inspiration kela likes to go to kew gardens, england’s oldest botanic garden in south west london. highlights in kew's exotic palm house include the african oil palm, the most important oil-producing plantation palm in the tropics and the rare triangle palm from madagascar. the gardens are open until 6:30pm on weekdays and 7:30pm on weekends. in 2011, kela teamed up with fellow human beatbox eklips to release the ep 'crowd control'. 

kew gardens
london tw9
tube station kew gardens


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