lara bohinc

slovenian designer lara bohinc makes varied jewellery from a whole host of different materials. originally she called her label 'lara boeing 747' because brits couldn't pronounce her surname properly. but the aeroplane manufacturer wasn't impressed and lara was forced to change the name to 'lara bohnic 107'. lara was given the number 107 when she was born in a hospital in slovenia. she creates jewellery out of gold, silver, plastic, wood, velbex and rubber. an arm decorated with brail, head jewellery with a cigarete holder or a necklace which also keeps hair tied up. kate moss, kylie minogue, thandie newton, naomi campbell and whitney houston all wear lara bohinc 107. the spice girls were keen to use lara's jewellery for their videos, but she didn't like their music. lara has her own blog on the vogue website and a shop in london that opens 10.00 - 18.00 monday to saturday. 

lara bohinc
149f sloane street
london sw1x
tube station knights bridge


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