le web store

the web store is a concept shop filled with the newest innovations in design, technology and fashion. over the 100 square meters, design freaks can find functional items, which look good too. the store offers exclusive specially commissioned designs. the aroma sandals are pink flip-flops with added aroma-therapeutic essences. tie-dye t-shirts in a jar are a big money-maker. the shirts are sold in five different colours. pop them in the washing machine and the outcome is an individually tie-dyed effect. the design department features objects like a dog-armchair made from ostrich leather, dolby surround sound tv-chairs and stools that light up. they also stock futuristically designed cutlery and crockery, which double up as mirrors. in the technology section they have the newest wide screen tvs, hi-fis and speakers which look like posters. a torch, which can be recharged by man power, the biggest hit at the web store. the torch measures the users mood from the grip and emits different colours accordingly. the web store is open mondays to fridays from 10.00-18.00.

le web store
29 rue du louvre
metro station les halles



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