the liquidrom spa baths are situated under kreuzbergs tempodrom. stressed city souls can chill here in sauna, steam baths and heated open air pools. for the resting period visitors can lie on a bed under artificial moonlight and on top of original moonstones that are under the mattress. on the sound loungers electronic base tones are not only received through headphones but massage the whole body. at the liquid sound pool, changing djs play ambient beats every saturday evening. special underwater loudspeakers produce soundwaves in the salt water. the water is heated to body temperature. the best way to experience the underwater sounds is to float on your back and drift along. in this way the whole body becomes a hearing device for the music. on fridays and saturdays the liquidrom is open from 10.00-24.00 and on other days until 22.00. on every full moon special live music events take place where the sound is transformed under water for the floating audience. the wet stage events go on till 02.00. every friday evening classical music is played in the liquid sound pool.

liquidrom @ tempodrom
moeckernstrasse 10
s-bahn station anhalter bahnhof


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