love hotels

all over the nightlife districts of tokyo, you find the so-called love hotels. these are not nasty brothels, but hotels, in which many young couples meet, who still live with their parents or missed the last train home. love hotels cost, for a couple of hours, between 7.000 and 20.000 yen. apart from food and drink, the room service offers vibrators and condoms. during the weekend you have to speed up the flirting, as all love hotels are hopelessly over booked. in the more run down love hotels of the lower level you have to get used to the amourous noise of your neighbours. the luxury hovels, in contrast, offer double showers, jacuzzis, sauna and porno. in the eighties, crazy interiors such as underwater worlds, pyramids, rolls royces and s&m hells were provided. nowadays young people are more interested in karaoke and playstation in their rooms.


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