lowrider gangs such as dirty joker disturb the streets of tokyo with their outrageous retro american style cars. lowriders carry hydraulic pumps in the boots of their cars to adjust the car’s suspension. according to the gangs their bouncing cars are perfect for picking up girls. the lowriders idea originates from mexico. the gangs come in from outside tokyo. lowriders have their own dress code and are mostly into hip hop. japanese cars are too boring for them. if tokyo roads are not blocked with traffic, you can meet the gangs at weekends hanging out in shinjuku. the dirty jokers originate from yokohama. they drive to shinjuku early in the morning or late at night in full convoy, showing off their polished wheels. the japanese police don’t like to get in trouble with the boys. lowriders are the only japanese who park wherever they feel like. they can be found every weekend directly in front of the town hall.

subway station shinjuku


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