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featuring: count mana

anyone who talks about japanese goth can only mean one person. the band has a 100.000 person fan base, who like to copy the bands stage outfits or buy everything in the 'moi-même moitié' shop. the shop belongs to count mana who is constantly designing various stage costumes for his band mates. most of the time mana is dressed as a woman. band member koezi is the aristocratic 'hakushaku', yu-ki a pierrot clown or klaha the prince of darkness. in mana's shop there are attractive gothic spider web decorations, coffin hand bags and dracula coats designed to look like bats wings. mana is really interested in french culture of the 18th century. he is also a big fan of king luedwig and a dracula freak. mana loves horror b movies and has one of the largest computer game collections in the whole of japan.

moi meme moitié
aoyama parks building
kita ayoma 3-10-6
tube station omote sando


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