mayo restaurant

mayo kitchin is an affordable restaurant for mayonnaise fans. in japan the bulgy kyupi-plastic bottles with the red tops are as well known as coca-cola. the sweet & sour crème sauce causes, according to japanese scientists, a rush of happiness-endorphins. mayo kitchin uses this drug generously all over the menu: pizza-mayogeria, mayo spaghetti, mayo fondue or the mayo-potato gratin. regulars are able to deposit their own mayo bottles behind the bar to feel more at home. despite what it sounds like, the dishes are very tasty. the cocktail list is a bit scary. should it be the mayo daikiri, mayo campari or the alcohol free banana milk shake? the mayo kitchin is open daily from 11.30-24.00.

mayo kitchin
nyu koyo building 1f
nakamachi 4-10
train station hachioji


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