mo wax records

while working at the influential record shop honest jon's, 18 year old james lavelle formed the cult music label mo wax records. the label was highly influential in the mid-nineties, signing artists such as dj krush (see tokyo episodes), dj shadow and andrea parker (see london episodes). lavelle became a popular music artist himself. his dj career has seen him appear at popular london clubs scala, ministry of sound and fabric. his interest in street-art brought artists such as futura, bäst and faile into the public eye. futura's work featured on the cover of many mo wax releases. lavelle's trip-hop work with his band collaboration unkle has been highly successful. their debut album 'psyence fiction' received a uk gold record certification. unkle once included mo wax records artist dj shadow in its line-up. the band launched a remix competition for their fans to remix unkle tracks from their 'when did the night fall' album. in 2010, the haunch of venison gallery chose lavelle on an art and music collaborative piece. the result was the “daydreaming with james lavelle” exhibition which spawned an exhibition in hong kong. lavelle still tours london and the rest of the world as a popular dj and member of unkle.

honest jon's
278 portobello road
london w10
tube station ladbroke grove


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