moby named himself after studying the literature classics of his famous ancestor john melville. melville’s story from the wale and his hunter so impressed moby, because the character elements of good and bad were so entangled on both sides. moby has recorded the influentuial ‘go’ track which managed the first successful crossover between dance music and pop mainstream. later the former punker and committed christian has sold over ten million records of his ‘play’ album. the ‘18’ album is dominated by old soul samples and was named after the amount of tracks appearing on the album. sinead o’connor was among the guest artists on 18. moby produces his own music and plays all instruments on all of his recordings. he communicates on a daily basis with his fans via the website, where he makes short films about himself, documents his recording work and reports from extensive world  tours. moby is also a committed vegan. he is a regular at his local healthy pleasure store, when staying at his east village flat and recording studio. moby also presented an mtv show introducing innovative indie guitar bands to an american audience. moby co-owns a vegetarion tea room with his ex-girl-friend (see new york episode 40).

healthy pleasures
489 broome street
subway station canal street


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