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since their smash hit ‘lady’, modjo are the new heroes disco house. yann and romain met during guitar lessons at the american school of music in paris. when they had enough of mozart, bach, debussy and ravel they decided to set up on their own and modjo was born. romain is inspired by american jazz legends like charlie parker and miles davies. additionally, he is a huge beatles fan, too. the result is a dancy house beat accentuated by phat philly strings. after long nights in the studio, the boys relax at the etoile foch bowling alley. it is right next to the arc de triumphe in a converted multi-storey car park. yann and romain liked the interior of the bowling alley so much, they chose it as the location for their ‘chillin’ video. the foch has sixteen alleys and a large bar. it is open daily from 12.00 to 02.00, except fridays to sundays, when it closes at 04.00.

bowling etoile foch
1 avenue foch
metro station charles-de-gaulle-etoile


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