monjayaki boats

directly outside the train station exit at tsukishima you can buy tickets for tokyo’s most popular boat tour. the monjayaki boats got their name from a traditional japanese pancake meal. during the two hour journey the tour participants cook monja pancakes from cabbage, egg, adding fish or meat. every table has it’s own mini-grill. okonomiyaki pancakes consist of a sweet brown sauce which is mixed up with mayonnaise and dried fish flakes. even the dessert, which is made of sweet cream, gets mashed up monja style. friendly waiters assist the beginners. many japanese use these tours to get well and truly smashed. free beer and eat as much as you like is included in the 4,900 yen per person for the boat tour. from 11.30-20.00 the boats complete four tours around the bay of tokyo. from the monja boats you get the best view of the odaiba entertainment island. the trips are extremely popular. it is  recommended to book in advance.

tsukishima station exit 7
tsukishima 1-3-16


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