nag nag nag

featuring: victim

east london's fashion shop victim makes outfits out of second hand material, which are irresistible for fashion freaks. taiwanese designer and owner mei hui lui thought that victim is the perfect name for her shop as it was based in fashion street. the fashion victim outfits are kept to a reasonable price. a mix of victorian fashion, 50s and 80s styles fits well with the london electroclash scene. mei hui used to go to the flamboyant nag nag nag club nights at soho's ghetto club. nag nag nag was the original electro clash glamour party where vip's such as boy george, pet shop boys, kate moss, gavin rossdale and gwen stefani hung out. the party was also a true fashion event where everyone tried to out do each other. the mix of fashionistas, gay and party hedonists made this a real spectacle. live acts such as toktok, hell and princess superstar supported resident dj's jonny slut, jo jo de freq and fil ok. unfortunately the ghetto club and nag nag nag nights have closed but mei hui still runs her shop in fashion street.

victim showroom
164 brick lane
london e1
tube station hoxton


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