namja town

namjatown is the biggest indoor theme park in tokyo. it covers an area of 12000 square metres spread over three levels, with 500 different attractions. many of the horror and fairground attractions are based on traditional japanese ghost stories. the namja cat town opened in 1996. it is ruled by tomcat namja. namja’s kitten was abducted. to save nanchichi kitten visitors must resolve puzzles and take part in tricycle races through the haunted villages. the adventurer is accompanied by a miniature cat that collects and electronically stores all their answers. the winner is the one who answers the most questions correctly. the aim is to get as many questions right as possible to free the little kitten. pacman manufacturers namco consciously refused to use high-tech games when they opened up the theme park. using low-tech games they wanted to make the generation of playstation kids more aware of traditional japanese culture. within the nippon disney park are restaurants and shops where you can buy electronic lollipops that light up (as pictured). namjatown is open daily from 10.00-22.00.

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