ninja kobo

tokyo tower houses the boot camp for ninja’s, where they can throw ninja-stars or shurikan at targets. even actor fumiya fuiji was sighted here while training for his next ninja movie. the skilled ninja, who lands all ninja-stars on target in a single round, gets an authentic ninja sword from the shop. at ninja kobo every kind of ninja-star is available for purchase, from the traditional three-pointed star, with extra sharp blades, to the killer star, with tips that were once coated in poison. the store provides wanna-be ninja’s with complete outfits. there are masks to choose from as well as arm pads and jutte-poles, which were used by the police in the 18th century to defend themselves against attacking swords. additionally, they offer loads of kitsch, like rubber-shurikan and ninja teddy bears. the training camp is open daily from 10.00-18.00.

ninja kobo
tokyo tower
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