fashion today is devoid of passion. at least that is noki c.’s diagnosis. noki designs provocative street wear. pieces are patched together from second-hand clothes, little label stickers and logos. in this way he attempts to make a statement against the mass market and depersonalised fashion. noki uses objects that most people would throw away. every piece is unique and is bound to turn a few heads. the scottish born stylist, artist and designer prefers anonymity. for televison interviews noki insists on wearing a mask. few of his works are for sale however he has done one off shows like the one for elle's spring 2008 collection. in 2010 noki took over a floor in the newly opened 123 store on bethnal green. the shop almost exclusively sold noki until other labels were introduced later in 2011.

123 bethnal green road
london e1
tube station hoxton


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