park hyatt bar

in shinjuku, the nightlife district of tokyo, you can find the far best view of the city from the 52nd floor of the park hyatt hotel. japanese popstars, business people and fresh lovebirds appreciate the intimate atmosphere of the bar. you should dress smart and be prepared to dip in your pocket. admission, inclusive live jazz, costs 2000 yen. if you are unsuccessful with dating, despite cocktails, dinner and the romantic view, you can try it on your own at the nightclubs of shinjuku, which are opened late. the new york bar&grill is opened daily from 5pm. thursdays to saturdays it is opened to 1am, sundays to wednesdays it closes at midnight.

park hyatt hotel, 52 f
mew york bar & grill
3-7-1-2 shinjuku
rail & subway station shinjuku


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