pauric sweeney

pauric sweeney is a jewellery and fashion designer to elastica, bjoek and posh spice. pauric's bracelets and belts made out of little square silver and gold mirrors have been especially popular. the irishman did actually study architecture, but fashion design is pretty much the same thing for him. balance is all important. pauric is happy to travel to paris and trawl through the tourist emporia to get hold of tacky eiffel towers to make his original necklaces (in picture). after owning a shop in  hoxton square in london's for a time, sweeney moved his workshop to italy to work close with italian craftsmen and designers. his designs are still sold in london in department stores. he launched another branch of his business with pauric sweeney bags in 2005. pauric's designs are sold online through online shopping websites such as avenue32.


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