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rupert parks, aka drum’n’bass producer photek, is well known for his high-speed breakbeats and precisely tuned baselines. for rupert, pho-tek stands for a combination of vision and technology. photek does not want to limit himself to drum’n’bass. on his album solaris, which is released by virgin, rupert mixes house, techno with hip-hop mcs. photek’s great passion are cars. he is a ferrari-man. his car radio is off, when he cruises through london. the reverberation of the engine is the best music soundtrack for photek. in his spare time, rupert likes to admire old racing cars at gregor fisken. here you find james bond’s original aston martin, bentleys from the 1920’s and some early ferrari models. some cars are up to one million pounds. nevertheless, window-shopping is allowed at gregor fisken's as long as you are a real car freak like photek. photek released the drum n bass album 'form and function volume two in 2007' and continues to tour.

gregor fisken
14 queens gate mews
london sw1
tube station gloucester


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