pineapple studios


pineapple is the best known dance studio in london. popstars all saints, spice girls and steps have all rehearsed their choreographed pop routines here. pineapple offers curious beginners the chance to learn a combination of hip hop and r&b styles. the studio offers dance classes such as l.a. jazz, commercial dance, hip-hop and techno jazz. lil j's hip-hop class was a favourite for beginners as well as professionals. lil j taught christina milian, misteeq and blue. the studio also started singing classes. after the lessons the dancers show off their latest steps in close by west end clubs. a docusoap around pineapple studios that featured louis spence was aired on sky during 2010. pineapple is open monday to friday from 09.00 - 22.00, saturdays and sundays 10.00-18.00. 


7 langley street
london wc2h
tube station covent garden


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