platten hotel

twenty minutes from alexanderplatz, tram line 6 takes visitors to plattenstadt lichtenberg. ‘platten’ buildings are tall concrete housing blocks. the ‘platten-bunker’ from the assembly line have sprung up all over east berlin since the 60’s. for the authentic platten holiday experience east german state nostalgics best check into the hotel kolumbus. the 222 bed former workers home has been recently renovated. double and group rooms are available at reasonable prices. all the rooms have a tv. showers and toilets are shared. lichtenberg is also home to the former olympic training ground of the east german state. even today many sports men and women, national world champions & european athletic champions stay at the kolumbus hotel. they share the hotel with youth groups that come from all over the globe. for the real east german state feeling an old stazi secret service prison lies next to the hotel and can nowadays be visited. although the kolumbus hotel lies slightly outside berlins party-centre, trams run there and back throughout the night.

hotel kolumbus
genslerstrasse 18
tram station genslerstrasse


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