plug-in was an underground house party that moved from location to location. it took place on rooftops, behind pubs or in warehouses. founders of this unique sunday afterparty were french dj charly treize and british promoter derren smart, who was also co-founder of london’s ‘city rocker’ label. plug-in parties were known for their most original electronic music played by london and parisian djs. this often included rising stars from damian lazarus’ alternative/electro label ‘crosstown rebels’. djs and promoters shared the bar profits and as a result often went home with only a few pounds in their pocket. plug-in’s non-commercial, underground atmosphere gave the dj’s musical freedom to try new sounds. derren smart is promoting a new club night called shoplifter that often takes place monthly at the star of kinds club. 

star of kings
126 york way
london n1 
tube station kings cross


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