plus one

featuring: soho record stores

plus one became the 2001 dmc scratch-world-champion in london. plus one grew up in edinburgh. originally he planned to become a pro-skater like his mate brian jones. brian showed him how to scratch at the age of fourteen. since then the scottish scratch champion spends every free minute on his 1210’s. after his dmc-victory plus one joined the team world champions, the scratch perverts crew (s. london episode 24). together with prime cuts they worked on the first scratch perverts album. plus one buys his records in various independent record shops. juno records in camden is one such place. reckless records on berwick street deals mostly in second hand vinyls and will purchase any type of music from sellers including jazz, soul, pop rock, reggae and dance. mr bongo on berwick street used to be one of plus one's favourite hangouts until its closure in 2003. it still operates an online store. plus one and the dmc-association are supporters of international dj-day, where well-known dj’s, promoters and record labels collect money for music-therapy projects. plus one regularly tours with ben griffin as a duo called jack beats. in 2011, they started a new series called dubs for clubs where they release their previously unheard club tracks. 

juno records
10 greenland street
london, nw1
tube station camden town

reckless records
30 berwick street
london w1f
tube station oxford circus


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