print clubs

purikura's print clubs have been popular amongst japanese teenagers for a long time. at every opportunity they go with their friends to the nearest print club, which can be found in every part of tokyo. club members get regular gifts of free soft drinks, discount books and soft toys. new photo machines come onto the market every month. with the machines you can play around with your image in new and original ways. you can manipulate skin colour, perspective and background design. other machines offer graphic design patterns and the option to paint every photo sticker individually. when they are finished every master piece can be registered on the print club website. personalised photo stickers are often exchanged and end up in little photo albums that are carried around by print club members. many photo diaries are filled with collections of school friends and heart throbs. inti shibuya-ten is one of the many print clubs in the centre of tokyo.

inti shibuya-ten
udagawa-cho 31-2


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