propeller island

the propeller island city lodge hotel offers thirty individually decorated rooms just around the corner from the kurfuerstendamm. the best thing about propeller island is the bizarre selection of rooms. the hotel guest can choose between a padded cell, mirrored room, altered perspectives doubles and orange or blue themed rooms. other adventurous chambers incorporate a rotating bed, a coffin to sleep in and a wardrobe that leads to the toilet. all the rooms were designed by berlin artist lars stroschen who also created ambient sounds for each room. for lars the propeller island is not a hotel but an inhabitable sculpture. the living art space is no draughty artists workshop. the rooms are clean and well heated. reception is open daily from 09.00-12.00. most rooms are shown on the propeller website.

propeller island city lodge
albrecht achilles strasse 58
u-bahn station adenauerplatz


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