pvc or au pays des vedettes celebres is a little boutique which is filled from top to bottom with colourful plastic kitsch. pvc refuses to sell animal materials such as leather and fur. in the boutique there are around 5,000 different articles. their motto is the crazier the better. pvc sells glittery beaded door hangings, shitting cow keyrings and squeezy nuns. the big hit are satanic bath ducks. pvc was founded by designer jules brunois. jules runs the shop. he also designs t-shirts, hand bags and underwear with cute kiddy motifs like bunny-rabbits, zebras and cows. jules inspiration comes from infant school. during the week pvc is open from 11.00-20.00, saturdays from 11.00-18.00.

56 rue tiquetonne
metro station etienne marcel



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