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the undisputed beatbox master comes predictably from the bronx. nobody can imitate sounds, voices and beats as well as rahzel. for years rahzel toured as the 'human turntable' with hip hop act the roots (see new york episode 11). for a long time beatboxing was seen as hip hop's neglected fifth element. in 2001 rahzel tours the world in order to promote his own solo album which is out on mercury. the beatbox champion still buys sneakers and clothing exclusively at mr sports in the bronx. this shops has more choice than any other, especially for rare trainers. mr sports sees more hip hop superstars than any other shop. at least by day, drive-by shopping is now possible again in ny's infamous bronx.

mr sports
5300 westchester avenue
102213 ny, ny
subway station 149th street/ 3rd avenue



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