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ramm:ell:zee is one of the founding fathers of hip-hop. the all-rounder paints, raps, constructs crazy objects and appears as ‘garbage god’ at performances. with radical ‘gothic futurism’ and ‘iconoclast panzerizm’ theories, ramm:ell:zee fights for recognition in the afro-american underground culture. his alpha’s bet theory is a science fiction horror story about so called garbage gods, for which ramm:ell:zee has made fantasy mask-outfits out of street rubbish. except for the god ramm:ell:zee, there are chimer, chaser the eraser, crux the monk and shinju. in 1983, ramm:ell:zee and hip-hopper k-rob recorded the single ‘beat bop'. in his tribeca studio, paintings, individually designed skateboards and letter racers (mobile and partly remote controlled objects) are stacked everywhere. built out of bits of junk; the letter racers are graffiti letters, which have been made into flying objects with the aid of skateboards. ramm:ell:zee supplies the skater shop ‘supreme’ with limited edition boards, paintings, sprayed hats and tee’s. skaters come from all over the world to shop here. supreme have got their own label clothes and offer street wear brands like stussy and zoo york. the store’s opening hours are monday to saturday 11.00-19.00.

274 lafayette street
subway station broadway lafayette



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