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germany’s rock export number one was in the beginning just an experiment. rammstein developed in ‘94 from the leftovers of former ddr punk bands such as feeling b and die firma. the ex-east punks were infiltrated by the east-german stasi. in the bands were spies, too. only after the wall went down, rammstein made what they never did while being punks: an official controversy. the media didn’t like their name, which comes from the location of a big aeroplane disaster. due to the rough music and the german lyrics, critics accused rammstein of being right wing. authorities feel provoked through their explosive-explicit stage show. after film director david lynch packed two tracks of the band in his weirdo shocker ‘lost highway’, rammstein gained cult-band status in the usa as well. motor records release the ‘mutter’ album.  after rehearsing for month in berlin’s prenzlauberg, the teutonic pyro-rockers set stages between seattle and tokyo on fire. if rammstein are in berlin, drummer schneider (in the frame) recommends the original east snack konnopke, where you can east crispy curry sausages since 1930.

konnopke’s imbiss
schoenhauser allee 44a
u-bahn station eberswalder strasse



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