ranking ranqueen

japanese are well known for being obsessed with trends. the ranking ranqueen store flogs a constantly updated supply of the top ten japanese fads. ranking ranqueen is particularly popular amongst girls. the cosmetic department chart features ongoing classics such as jaw sauna, pvc trousers, electric ear cleaner and muscle toning mouth weights. as a remedy to snoring boyfriends, mouth plasters are recommended. in the night you can tape up his mouth. also popular are electric fans, canned drinks coolers, special crisps, a calculator that doubles as a mobile, magazines and the latest pop cd's. continually updated shop displays entice customers with the very latest chart hits. the shop’s hit parades are reorganized every two weeks. the trend store only keeps what is up to the minute fashionable. due to the large turnover top ten goods are cheaper than in other stores including large chains. ranking ranqueen is open from 10.00-23.00.

ranking ranqueen
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