even the cheapest standard hotels are charging exorbitant rates. better try one of the traditional ryokan guest houses, which sprung up after world war II. even though the family-run mini-hotels are being pushed out of the market by the big chains, there are still enough to be found in the suburbs. in the ryokan, the guest is supposed to relax completely, the staff look after everything. at sadachio ryokan you are welcomed with a pot of green tea, are clothed in a light yukata kimono and somebody prepares your bed, while you are having your dinner. instead of a shower cabin, ryokans use the traditional japanese wooden baths, separated by gender. the price you pay depends on the day of the week, the size of your room ranges from 6000- 22.000 yen. even the capsule hotels (s. tokyo episode 5) start at 5000 yen per night.





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