sake brewery

connoisseurs of rice snapps travel 2-3 hours from central tokyo to visit the idyllic sake haven. travellers have been welcomed for 300 years by the sweet and enticing smell of sake on arrival. in the ozawa shuzo brewery 140 metre long tunnels have been dug into the mountain to get the purest spring water for the sake. entry is free. at the end of the tour 16% proof sake can be sampled direct from the production line. however it is important to book an appointment in advance. if you are still able to stand after a sake drinking session you can hike along the river tama soaking up the beautiful mountain views. the brewery has it’s own restaurant and a fully stocked sake shop. it is cheaper to buy sake at the brewery. there is a full range from sweet to spicy. the taste is usually superior to the bottles you can buy from shops in tokyo because in the brewery it is stored correctly at the perfect temperature. trains to sawai leave directly from tokyo’s meguro station.

ozawa shuzo
sawai 2-770
tokyo aoume shi
train station meguro


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