sakura house

tokyo travellers from all over the world find the cheapest places to stay in the japanese capital via the sakura house agency. by paying a months fee in advance and a deposit to move in immediately to one of the 30 or so guest houses. the monthly rate for the centrally based rooms of the sakura house cost as much as three nights in a standard tokyo hotel. every room has a fast internet connection. kitchen, washroom and shower facilities are shared. in the communal room which has a tv you are able to meet new people. the guest houses cater exclusively for backpackers and young foreigners, who want to live and work short-term in tokyo. in the guesthouses tokyo travellers receive a lot of good advice for cheap food, nightlife and transport. the other guests advice is invaluable in a city where it is difficult to even use the tube if you don’t know japanese. sakura house also offers cheap apartments with your own bath. the accommodation agency is open monday to saturday 08.50-17.50. advance reservations can be done via the sakura website.

sakura house office
k-1 building, 9f
7-2-6 nishi shinjuku
subway station shinjuku


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