schnaps & schnitzel

the alt-berlin is a typical east berlin bar that serves traditional hang over breakfast food, even in the evening. 'kahn & molle' (barge & pier) is the in-house meal made of pickled egg and cucumbers. alternative dishes include meatballs, crispy sausages and lard bread. the alt-berlin is known amongst east berliners as heinz & inge. the original pub owners are now retired. they used to be a city institution. nowadays the alt-berlin is very popular amongst trendies, night owls and old pub patrons. at muenzstrasse, grilled sausages and meatballs were served 100 years ago. nowadays good old fashioned german food is still available from mittmann's menu. traditional jellied duck, smoked pork and fish dishes can all be found on mittmann’s plates. inside the restaurant the owner shows off his large collection of enamel signs from old brewery and food companies.

bierstube alt-berlin
muenzstrasse 23
u-bahn station weinmeisterstrasse

brueckenstrasse 12


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