school disco

every saturday night, po na na in hammersmith hosted the school disco for those who like to reminisce. the party started outside, where non-recent school leavers got drunk while queuing as nobody entered the night sober. the music-list included all the old eighties favourites like wham and cindy lauper. at school disco they rocked like in the good old days, did a few slow-dances and smoked in the toilets. the girls look consisted of white shirt, black skirt (the shorter, the better), fishnets, high heels and wonder bra. the boys wore a white shirt, black trousers and school tie. though there were enough boys who tried the girls uniforms. the event played host to celebrities such as jimmy carr and david hasselhoff. school disco was held at the portland school for girls from 2010 and then moved to the pigalle club in 2011.

pigalle club
215 piccadilly
london w1j
tube station piccadilly circus


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