seagull screaming kiss her kiss her

featuring: indoor fishing

‘seagull screaming kiss her kiss her’ brought out various records since 1992. the unusual band name is taken from a lyric of an old xtc song. courtney love is a fan of the all-girl rock band. front woman aiha higurashi brings out her first solo album in 2003 on the cornelius label trattoria. aiha’s lyrics are composed from invented and randomly put together english words. recently she started singing in japanese also. hirugashi composes tracks by humming melodies into a mini-recorder, which she always carries around with her. aiha used to go indoor-fishing with her grandfather. tokyo’s stressed city-dwellers have used this bizarre method of relaxation from their hectic lives for generations. established in 1963, this indoor fishing lake is managed by granny suzuki. the old lady provides her customers with a mini fishing rod and bait made from fishmeal, crabmeat and flour. she is always ready to help beginners with some friendly advice. it might have been the dodgy bait or her technique, but aiha did not manage to catch a single fish during her session. the sport is very popular in the city. the walls record the monthly fishing quotas of the 'sangenjayjas' city-anglers. suzuki keeps their fishing rods by the pool, each is adorned with their owner’s name. in spite of the fact that japan is surrounded by sea aiha prefers the calm and cultivated atmosphere of indoor-fishing.

tsubiron sangenjaya
4-18-1 taishido
train station sangenjaya


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