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even though seeed are real berliners, they have jamaica in their veins. for years, the seeed guys worked on their idea of a dancehall reggae live band in the basement of the legendary squat rauchhaus. seeed consists of ex-binmen, session musicians and urban survival artists. live on stage, neither rockers nor hip-hoppers could excel the sounds and energy of three mc’s and eight musicians. no other act combines phat dancehall riddims, original reggae roots and german lyrics. seeed believes this could not have happened in any other city. it is all down to the strong reggae scene based around berlin. seeed like to hang out at the open-air chill-out yaam on sundays, where original rastas, rude boys, dancehall queens and reggae fans meet up. from noon to midnight they dance, play ball, gamble, smoke and drink caipirinha by the gallon, while smells of jerk chicken and fritters waft over from the barbecue. inna tru’ jamaican stylee yah!

eichenstrasse 4
s-bahn station treptower park


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