since 1997 shoe-g alias shuji ueyama is more or less the permanent owner of the japanese bmx-champion title in the categories of ultimate street class, street pro class and mini ramp section. in the usa, shoe-g competes regularly in the top five. the bmx-champ suffers for his sport. he broke hands and ribs several times. shoe-g produces bmx-videos with his mates and the juicyvision website, contributes to magazines and hosts his own show on cable-channel espn. shuji’s favourite shop is the bmx and skate store artis in shibuya. manager arakawa-san and his shop-assistants are themselves experienced pro’s and give sound practical advice. artis is open daily from 11.00-22.00. every week shoe-g goes to practise in amazing square, where he has got a workshop as well. the ramps at the edge of the city are a meeting point for bmx and skate newcomers. the square is open weekdays 12.00-22.00 and weekends from 10.00.

6-18-6 kouhashibiru 2f
rail station shibuya

amazing square
senju sekiya 19-1
rail station oshida


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