shop girl

thermal underwear can also be sexy in the summer. shop girl was the insider tip for super models and london fashionista. designer team pippa & max managed to create sexy underwear out of granny’s thermal woollies. victorian skater princesses were pippa’s target. the undies made from damart scarves, pants and tops were available in the shop girl store. the store expanded to include cardigans and lingerie and talks were madewith company babycham in 2001. the store however closed years later. shop girl also ran a special underwear line with playboy (s. new york episode 21). pippa brooks went on to have a soho boutique shop at maison bertaux and while she was there she decided to diversify her talents into film, writing and music. she now writes for beat music paper and has her own blog. she also contributes to bi-annual fashion magazine wylde. pippa has been a dj at art and fashion events and produced promotional films for beat magazine, mstv and good vibes fitness.


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