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greenwich village’s fat cat pool hall is the preferred spot for hardcore heads. the members of ny’s hardcore band sick of it all are known to shoot pool at the dark underground hall from early in the afternoon. in the evening the former jazz venue plays very different sounds. sick of it all play underground hardcore, influenced by punk, hip-hop and rock. they are one of the heaviest hardcore bands in new york. the four-man band have been together since the mid-eighties. in ninety-nine they signed to hardcore label 'fat wreck chords'. after their pool session, the guys go over to the legendary cbgb. they view cbgb as the epitome of ny hardcore. this live music venue gave birth to new york punk in the seventies. the founder of the cbgb named the club after his favourite music ‘country bluegrass blues’. cbgb is the home of ‘underground rock’. the ramones, blondie and the talking heads played gigs there, when they were merely unknown underground bands. ‘sick of it all’ had one of their first gigs at the cbgb. even today, newcomer bands appear next to rock giants at cbgb. the fat cat pool hall is open daily from 14.00-02.00. cbgb opening times are tuesday to sunday from 18.00-02.00.

fat cat pool hall
75 christopher street
subway station christopher street

315 bowery
subway station bleeker street


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