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the silent poets, whose albums are released by the japanese label toy’s factory, are the masters of flashing lo-fi funk. the poets consist of michiharu shimoda and takahiro hatuno, who lives in paris. in addition to his musical talent, michiharu designs logos at tokyo’s streetwear label soph. apart from designer label parodies, he works on soccer outfits for the imaginary ‘real bristol fc’. their musical idols tricky and massive attack are from the british seaport bristol. the producer michiharu shimoda describes tokyo as a tough place, where a musician has to fight for survival everyday. but the existential anxiety inspires him as much as the alternative boat tour around the hinode pier. only 10 kilometres from the centre, you can catch a boat directly from the train station. shimoda likes the water and the ugly charm of the passing industrial and concrete constructions. the trip around the bay of tokyo is a true oasis compared to the hectic chaos of the metropolis. the ferries of the tokyo cruise ship company take of every 20 minutes from 9.50 to 19.35. the average trip takes 45 minutes.

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