skate spots

skateboarders in berlin are no lightweights. they do it in a raw street style. from noon onwards pros like chris heitman, willo and their mates meet up at the marble and granite spaces around the new national gallery on potsdamer platz. once they warm up, they travel to the next skate spot via s-bahn. the higher the bone-breaking factor the better. due to the steady expanse of the city, there are always virgin benches, ledges, gaps and curbs to be found. the best benches at present are at s-bahn station priesterweg. here, the pros pull off ollies from the freshly tarred basketball court straight into smooth benches. at night those who tire of the street can move on to the dahlem skate park to enjoy the quarterpipes, grindboxes and other obstacles.

neue national gallerie
potsdamer strasse
s-bahn potsdamer strasse

skate-park dahlem
clayallee/ huettenweg


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