skate spots antwerp

antwerp - born phil zwijsen, is highly regarded as one of europe’s best street skaters. he rides regularly for big skate names such as carharrt and element.  european champion phil takes us on a tour of the best skate spots in town. such as the public square outside the kns theatre, which was recently fitted with a new roof, so antwerp’s skaters can shelter here from the elements. north of the city centre is park spoor nord skate park. one of the largest custom-built skater-playgrounds in europe. it attracts bmx’s, in-line skaters and those watching the action from the sidelines.

the two lockwood skate shops attract young skaters from across the city to buy the hottest boards and hang out. in their ijzerenwaag location up and coming extreme sports stars can test out their purchases on an indoor bowl, right in the middle of the store.

lockwood skatestore
ijzerenwaag 3-5
2000 antwerpen
kammenstraat - tram stop

lockwood hardware shop
lange klarenstraat 31
2000 antwerpen
st. jacobsstraat - tram stop

kns theatre
near oudevaartplaats
2000 antwerp
stadspark - tram stop

park spoor noord‎
2060 antwerp
ellermanstraat - tram stop


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