slam poetry

the nuyorican poet café belongs to the best slam poetry venues in the states. at the slam poetry night underground performers present their own material to a passionate crowd. the day to day stories of american street culture are told with or without rhyme. slam poetry can be funny, naughty or serious. the nuyorican audience crowns the best slam poet of the night by holding up number cards, better known from ice skating competitions. the nuyorican also offers an alternative platform for music, theatre and visual arts events. inspired by slam poetry action, wannabe performers can test their skills at the ‘sing sing karaoke’ bar, that is not far from the slam poetry café. sing sing’s sound proof karaoke cabins play rock, pop and hip hop classics for everyone. the bar at the karaoke venue offers a special drinks deal. with every second order comes a free karaoke track, that has to be performed in front of the bar public.

nuyorican poets café
236 east 3rd street
subway station delancey street

sing sing karaoke
avenue a between 6th & 7th street
subway station 1st Avenue


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