sonic mook experiment

once a month the sonic mook experiment night kicked off at the scala, a converted cinema. there was live music and up to the minute dj’s. promoter sean mclusky would sometimes take to the decks himself. the sounds ranged from hip hop, trash rock, big beat to other forms of electronic music. what counted here is to dance and drink until you drop. although the event is no longer weekly, it still features on one-off occasions at clubs and pubs like the dogstar pub. sean mclusky continued to promote events and later formed 1234 records. he runs the 1234 podcast where he interviews a mix of new and old music artists. he is responsible for the creation of clubs such as scala and the leisure lounge and now appears at the 1234 festival annually.  

dogstar pub
389 coldharbour lane
london sw9
tube station brixton


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